About Us – The Alpas Company

About Us

The Alpas Company was built on the values that our name encapsulates with the Filipino translation of ‘alpas’ meaning ‘free, loosen or release’. In keeping with our passionate drive to enhance our customers’ everyday lives, we identified a contemporary, innovative and effective solution to ease the physical stresses of the modern world and allow our customers to achieve optimal performance. 

Massage guns have become highly popular around the globe as a great way to combat muscular pain related to stress or exercise. We immediately saw a gap in the wellness market for a portable solution and developed a line of trendy, premium quality mini massage guns that are perfect for on-the-go tension and pain relief.

We’re all familiar with massage therapy - a centuries-old technique for loosening the body. Massage guns have revolutionized this technique, essentially allowing you to have your own private masseuse in your home every day. Our line of mini massage guns take this concept to the next level by allowing you to transport your favorite massage gun anywhere you go.

Our lightweight mini massage guns have been engineered to offer the same relaxing and rejuvenating experience as that of larger, traditional massage guns, but we’ve optimized vital aspects of the technology such as size, noise and portability. The result is a mini device that packs a powerful massage experience.

Simply pop your top pick from the Alpas range into your bag and enjoy a myriad of benefits that massage offers the body including improved circulation, skin tone, mobility, mood, immune function and flexibility as well as faster recovery rates after exercise and reduced pain and inflammation. 

Don’t have time or budget to go to the spa? The Alpas Company brings complete rest and relaxation directly to you. Take 10 to sit back and prioritize your wellbeing with an Alpasmini massage gun that is built to be discreet so you can rejuvenate any area of your body at your convenience. 

We wanted to ensure that our customers could enjoy their mini massage guns by making them part of their personal aesthetic so our sleek, modern designs mean that you can give your body what it needs while staying fashion-forward and trending your way to optimal wellbeing.


Whether your body is experiencing post-workout pain, everyday aches or you just need to wind down after a long day, The Alpas Company aims to deliver a premium, portable massage experience you won't soon forget.