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How To Use Your Alpas MINI GOLD Massage Gun

Whether you've already purchased your very own MINI GOLD or you're thinking about gifting one for yourself, this article will tell you all you need to know about how to use and operate your Alpas MINI GOLD! 

Intro to History of Percussive Massage Therapy 101

This is going to be a relatively short course being as handheld percussive massage guns were just recently created, 14 years ago to be exact. But before that, if someone wanted a massage, they would have to make an appointment to see a massage therapist. And who knows how soon they'll be able to get an appointment. But once they do, then they have transport themselves to wherever the massage therapist. It is there where massage therapists use their hands or other tools to help them manipulate sore muscle tissue. Afterwards, you feel like a new person! Filled with happiness and joy! You go back home refreshed. You place your keys and wallet on the table. But then you soon realized, your wallet is a whole lot lighter than before.



So I just bought one, how do I use it?

The Alpas Mini Gold is elegantly designed to be simple and intuitive. One button does it all:

To turn ON/OFF: Hold power button

To change speed setting: Press power button

You can use our massage gun on almost every muscle. The areas of the body where we suggest not to use include but not limited to are the joints, spine, head, neck, and face areas. There will be another article published about this soon!

The Mini Gold comes with four different massage head to better help you massage specific muscles. 

1) Flat head = Biggest area

For me, I like to work the first three heads in sequence. The idea behind it all is slowly narrowing the focus of massage. Start with a massage head with the broadest, widest focus and that would be the flat head. When starting off, especially when your muscles are cold, I would suggest starting with the lowest speed setting then gradually increasing speed. I would use this flat head as 'warm-up' massage to prepare the muscle as we narrow and deepen our focus.

2) Round head = Medium area

The round head comes next in sequence. The focus of the massage tip narrows and allows us to get target tighter areas.

3) Bullet head = Smallest area

The bullet head is probably my favorite one of all. Pin-point massage for the really stubborn knots that lie deep in the muscle. Its heaven, I promise you. 

4) Hook head = For spinal muscle

This head is designed to hit those muscles that run alongside your spine. For these muscles in particular, we suggest you have someone else assist you not only because it's easier but also because it's safer. What we don't want to happen is for you to start massaging your spine. That's what we DONT want. Please, for your own health and safety, have someone assist you if necessary. 

It’s important to note that massage guns are made to be used on muscles. Nobody should try using these devices in other places, such as over joints or bones. It’s also not recommended to use any massage device over an injured muscle. If you’re not sure where you can massage your body, please ask your doctor. 

Massage guns should never cause pain. When using your massage gun, apply light pressure to the muscle you want to target. If you feel pain, stop using the massage gun immediately. Pain may be caused by pressing too hard, or there could be an injury you can’t see. Also, if you feel pins and needles, you have massaged over a nerve, and you should give the area a rest.

Let the device work as you move in slow circles over the muscle. If you need to change the speed setting, do it slowly to ensure that you don’t overmanipulate the muscle. Aim to use the device over a specific muscle for about five minutes before giving it a rest and moving on to a different area. If you need to use it again, repeat the process on the affected muscle.